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Let's Talk Housing

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(Music plays)

(Opening animation: “Let’s Talk Housing” logo)

(Minister Duclos is seated in the foreground, relaxed in a home office-like setting against a backdrop of wall art and a Canadian flag in the corner)

(Music fades out)

Minister Jean-Yves Duclos:

“Hi. I’m Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, and I’d like to hear from you on an issue that is of great importance to all Canadians – housing that meets their needs and that they can afford.

“Canadians know that housing matters. It’s more than bricks and mortar…Housing is the cornerstone of building sustainable, inclusive communities and a strong Canadian economy where we can all thrive.  Yet, too many Canadians are unable to find or afford decent housing.

“Our government is already investing in housing to address the most pressing needs. But we also know that we need to do things differently in the future. For that purpose, we’re developing a national housing strategy to chart the course for better housing, socio-economic and environmental outcomes for all Canadians, including those living in Indigenous and Northern communities.

“And that’s why we are reaching out to get your views on a vision for housing so that all Canadians can have access to housing that’s sustainable, affordable, inclusive and flexible.

“So, let’s talk housing.

“Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. Speak or write to your Member of Parliament, comment through our web site, or join the conversation on social media using the hashtag ‘Let’s talk housing’.

“Thank you for helping us create a housing strategy for all Canadians.”
(Music plays.)

(Closing animation: “Have Your Say”

“Submit your ideas online” / animated arrow


“Be Part of the conversation” / animated megaphone


“Help shape the future of housing in Canada” / housing illustration

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Government of Canada wordmark)

(Music ends. Fade to black)

Help shape the National Housing Strategy

The Government of Canada believes that all Canadians deserve access to housing that meets their needs and that they can afford.

Achieving good housing outcomes for Canadians requires collaboration among many partners. Provinces and territories play an important role in housing. We are working with them to develop a new National Housing Strategy.

Canada’s National Housing Strategy will meet the needs of all Canadians. And it must improve the lives of those in greatest need. Everyone’s situation is unique.

We know that many Indigenous and Northern communities lack adequate housing. Targeted consultations will ensure we devote energy to these important issues. We are talking to Indigenous governments and organizations to determine how best to do this.

Together, we can accomplish more. The private sector, non-profits, municipalities and housing experts all have a role to play.

We want to hear bold and innovative ideas from all Canadians.

Make your voice heard by sharing your ideas, taking this brief survey or submitting your views in writing before October 21, 2016. Your ideas will help shape the future of housing in Canada.

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