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What we’re doing

From June to October 2016, we asked Canadians to share their thoughts on the future of housing in Canada. Thousands of people took part through an online survey, written submissions, social media conversations, formal consultations and focus groups. We also hosted a series of expert and stakeholder roundtables on themes like housing finance, social inclusion and sustainability.

We listened to everyone who shared their insights, opinions and ideas. In November 2016, we released a summary report titled What We Heard: Shaping Canada’s National Housing Strategy.

Now we’ve moved from broad-based strategy consultations to specific discussions around program and process design. Federal Budget 2017 included provisions that allow us to continue developing and implementing some very exciting and innovative initiatives.

We are working closely with the provinces and territories, indigenous groups and national housing stakeholders through audience-specific meetings and topic-specific workshops. With the support of these partners, we’re committed to release a comprehensive National Housing Strategy in the fall of 2017.

Recent Consultations

May 31: Repurposing of Baseline Funding Workshop, Ottawa

A workshop to gain expert insight from stakeholders on preserving and repurposing baseline social housing funding as operating agreements expire.

April 24–May 17: National and Regional Stakeholder Workshops

Workshops to inform stakeholders about Federal Budget 2017 and its implications for the National Housing Strategy.

  • National Stakeholder Workshop in Ottawa (April 24)
  • Regional Stakeholder Workshops in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montréal and Halifax (April 27–May 17)