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What we heard


What We Heard

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Let’s Talk Housing

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Here’s what we heard

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Improving housing for INDIGENOUS PEOPLE wherever they live

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Make housing more AFFORDABLE whether you own or rent

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Shape communities that are INCLUSIVE and SUSTAINABLE

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Strengthen the SOCIAL HOUSING sector

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WE HEARD FROM YOU, online, on social media, in focus groups, at round tables, at MP townhalls.

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The Government of Canada believes that housing is an essential part of our approach to strengthen the middle class, fuel our economy and improve lives across the country. Over the past few months, we reached out to Canadians to tell us their views, insights and concerns about Canada’s housing.

You answered. We listened. Now, we are proud to share your ideas with all Canadians. For all those who took part: thank you for joining the conversation, and helping to shape the future of housing in Canada. In return, we are committed to releasing a comprehensive National Housing Strategy in 2017.

Key Highlights

Some of the key themes you asked us to focus on:

Helping those who need it most

The majority of participants agreed that a national housing strategy should support Canadians in greatest need, including low-income and homeless families and individuals.

Improving housing for Indigenous people – wherever they live

Indigenous participants said that a parallel strategy is needed to address the unique housing challenges facing First Nations both on- and off-reserve, including the North, and to make sure their homes are on par with the rest of Canada.

Making housing more affordable – whether you own or rent

You told us that governments should continue to invest in programs and policies that make housing more affordable for Canadians in both urban and rural communities.

Shaping communities that are inclusive and sustainable

Many participants wanted a focus on affordable and sustainable communities that offer better access to jobs, schools and support services, and which help lift more Canadians out of poverty.

Ending homelessness

Many of you said that homelessness should be a top priority, and that every effort should be made to eliminate or reduce homelessness across the country.

Strengthening our social housing sector

Social housing providers and developers highlighted the need for innovative financing ideas, lower land costs and long-term, stable funding to help them plan and build more affordable homes for Canadians in need.

The Consensus is Clear

Canadians want a National Housing Strategy that will support healthier families and build stronger communities and better housing for all. Find out more about what we learned from all those who took the time to make their voices heard – and what it means for you.